By Keisha Stoute

Actions speak louder than words and when your decisions negatively influence your life, it’s time for a change! We all have experienced unfavorably outcomes and at the end of the day you must move
forward and be ready for bigger and better opportunities. Cleansing your life is not just a promise that you make for New Years but it should occur daily. In order to reach your full potential you must make positive, wiser and healthier choices. 

During this process you will encounter dead weight jokers, yo-yos and fast talkers who will interfere with your growth! By allowing them access in your
life; you are empowering them with control that they do not deserve. Remove the lens of distortion from your eyes and see your full potential! Despite the dark and lonely moments make peace and discover your inner beauty. Cleanse your life and change your world!

Life does not come wrapped up in a big red bow but their lessons and experiences are priceless.  You may experience hardship and pain but you will eventually come out on top. When disaster strikes, realize that better days are coming your way, jump start your journey and change your thinking! 
Cleansing your life starts with you. In order to make changes you must realize your worth, discover your passion and redefine your support system. Discovering your passion is not a quick fix process but a lifetime journey. Everyone must realize how valuable they are and what they bring to the table. Figuring out what makes you smile from ear to ear and what you like doing each and every day is the main objective. Empowering yourself with positive phrases, things and the right people is a necessity. Getting rid of negative garbage, unsupportive people and old acquaintances will allow you room for endless chances for success. Change your mind, elevate your dream!

Each day gives you an opportunity to make life what you desire. If you change your thinking, cleanse your life and elevate your dream, things will happen at the right time. In order to make things happen you must have a plan. Developing a plan for success is the key in making your dreams a reality.  In attaining your goals you must seek out healthier people who will assist along the way. If you find yourself
reverting back to old behaviors find the courage to say “no” and move forward.
Remember that this is a process not a quick fix. The power of change starts with
you, so make it happen! 



05/27/2013 4:56pm

Thanks for this article Keisha! Very empowering and inspirational : )

05/28/2013 8:45am

Agreed with Kristina. This is TRULY a post for everyone to read. Positive and motivational. And always good when you throw in one of your "Keisha terms"...."yo-yos". Lol!

Jacqueline Cyrus
06/14/2013 9:58am

Don't over do, select limits in your life choices.


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