By Keisha Stoute

Looks can be deceiving and WPIs are often in disguise. Workplace Investigators are individuals who have a PhD in information gathering, gossip and spreading foolishness! They make sure that they keep others well informed through multimedia outlets such as facebook and twitter as well as through; word of mouth, text messaging, emails, lunch breaks, closed door meetings, office trips, telephone calls etc. Talk about excellent marketing skills and abilities! Their information is not always accurate as it often  reflects their opinions of others. The qualifications of a WPI includes, being nosy, intrusive, and not afraid to cross boundaries. By any means necessary.

This personality type aligns themselves in positions to glean information by being at the right place at the right time. They also have spies to assist them in getting the dirt! Elevators, stairwells, break rooms and parking lots are excellent places for spies to lurk. Before you enter your car look for moving objects and giggling dumpster! It happens! Once confronted they often look surprised and insulted that you will accuse them of such childish behavior. Be prepared for tears, water works and other academy award winning drama! WPI's main goal is to "deny". They will also throw others under the bus before admitting to anything.

How can you avoid the trickery traps of a Workplace Investigator?

1. Stay clear of the WPI's and their spies.
Despite being cautious everyone will be a victim eventually so avoid the daggers for as long as you can!

2. Do not volunteer information. Saying little is good in this case.

3. Decline lunch invitations

Going to lunch with a WPI is the perfect opportunity for them to get in your business. Be gracious and decline the offer.

4. Do not hang out with WPIs outside of work

5. If you have to work with a WPI on a project you must take control of the meetings etc. Idle time leaves opportunity to destruct. Keep things moving.

6. Do not trust WPI's
They often appear to be cool and easy to talk too but your business will spread like wild fire!

7. They may try to black mail or black ball you.

When WPI get a hold of juicy information they tell everyone and sometimes powerful people who can promote you hear it and believe it. These individuals use what ever they have to get what they want.

Workplace Investigators can also be in the form of your boss and these same tips still apply. The less you tell the better! You may have a co-worker who offers you gossip and the best way to handle this situation is not to react. The main reason why WPI's engage in these behaviors is to get a reaction from others. If you react then they have acheived their goal! Ignore foolishness and stay focused.Once WPI's figure out that you are not interested and willing to participate then they will eventually move on to others.


Kristina Asifo
02/20/2013 6:44pm

Boy do I have a lot of WPI's at my job. Nice article and great tips!

02/21/2013 9:27pm

Sooo true! I can relate to this so much!

02/21/2013 10:39pm

spotting some of these WPI's can be tricky..that's why I must trust no one in the workplace and keep it professional

02/22/2013 9:43am

I used to have some at my workplace blessed to work ALONE now :)

02/22/2013 10:19pm

This WPI article is very interesting and informative. I will continue to keep this in mind. What a great read!!

02/23/2013 10:27am

Great article Keisha. How did you come up with the term WPI. It is certainly unique. And where did you get your tips from?? Your writing style is engaging and entertaining. Thanks

Tony P
02/28/2013 11:37am

LOVE this. EVERY work place has them. Trust NO ONE. lol!


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