Sizzling Summer Dating Series June- August 2013

By Keisha Stoute

Now that you are dating it is easy to want to take control to ensure that things go your way but instead of plotting and planning take a back seat and learn to let go and let flow. In any relationship whether you are married or dating it is good to be taken by the art of surprises. There is nothing like experiencing something that you never planned
for by the sweet efforts of others. Stop worrying about how things are going to
work out and enjoy the journey and not the ending.  

So many people lose their heads and minds and end up sabotaging
relationships because they obsess over things and people that they have no
control over. Get the monkey off your back and kick that bad habit of being in
control! Learn to let go and let flow! Sometimes people have unrealistic
expectations and cannot understand why they are still single or in unhealthy
relationships or marriages. Take a long look in the mirror and take
responsibility for your actions, you cannot blame others for everything. Life
has a way of taking unexpected turns and you need to make adjustments and get
with the program.

Learning to let go and let flow requires you to step out of your comfort zone and to do things that you have not done before as well as taking a different approach than the norm. Put yourself out there and see what you get in return. Learn to trust and to give others a fair chance.  In order to get; you must give!  In relationships you must compromise and consider the other person and at times that can be a challenge. Being resistant, stubborn and spoiled results in loneliness, frustration and being a sore loser with a sour puss face. Yikes! 
To let go and let flow also encourages you to be open to correction and to understand that you cannot always get what you want. Your way is not always the best way so consider trying something new. In order to experience the fruits of a healthy relationship accept positive challenges and be confident in your abilities. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Learn to finish strong together and remember to let go and let flow!



Jacqueline Cyrus
07/02/2013 2:26pm

Share the Joy!
Make sure you make time for a daily ten to fifteen minutes honest reflection of your recent reaction with others.

07/06/2013 5:25pm

This topic covers both the expected and the unknown. Wise words and advice are goof, but they are better said by those who have endured the the good and bad in a relationship.

07/09/2013 11:44am

A great read. Can't tell you how many conversations I have had with people about this. Enjoying the journey and relaxing is sooooo important. Keep em coming Keysh!


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