By Keisha Stoute

Now that the major holidays are over the holiday hook-ups are coming to an end. It is to no surprise that some men and women hook-up with exes, friends and flings so that they can have companionship for the holidays. Going to some events without a date may make some people feel uncomfortable. Having a facade is better than nothing as these individuals want to purport a particular image. Finding a snuggle buddy to keep you company during the cold winter months is easier than you think. People hook-up during these times because the holidays means extra expenses $$$ and they need financial assistance.Getting new tires, buying gifts for everyone, increased living expenses etc. are all possible reasons why somone may have hooked up with you. In some cases a holiday hook-up may come with benefits!

Things may appear to be moving forward but this train is coming to a stop. For some after New Years the fun and games have ended but others enjoy one last round as they will call it quits after Valentine's Day. Unfortanately men and women waste hundreds of dollars on gifts and dinners and it ends as fast as it started. It only takes a quick phone call, a trip down memory lane and a few dates for you to be a holiday hook-up. Many feel robbed of their precious time and feelings when things do not move forward. This occurs when people are not honest with each other and have hidden agendas. Beware of these situations so you are not duped! Depending on that persons needs some individuals may wait until after their birthday to give you your walking papers! One way to determine if you are just a hook-up is to see the situation in its true light, do not add or subtract to increase your chances. If your friends and family are suspicious and have warned you about this situation you probably have been tricked. In the end, time will tell the story.


02/17/2013 7:12pm

Great article and really true, however, lots of people break up before or during the holidays to avoid having to buy the other person a gift, lol! Sad, but true!

02/25/2013 9:56am

Great article!


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