By Keisha Stoute

As a result of our struggling economy many main stream restaurants are competing for our business. The average tab for two people without dessert used to be over $50  but now you can feast like a king for less than $30 per person. Olive Garden has a new promotion where you can get a three course meal for $12.95 per person. In this deal you get unlimited soup or salad and bread sticks, your choice from five main course dishes and even a dessert or specialty coffee. That is one way to fill your belly on a shoe string budget! Olive Garden has many new meals that will tickle your taste buds like the new Grilled Chicken Toscano or the Three Cheese Pomodoro Ravioli. If you are not in the mood for pasta but love seafood Red Lobster is a good option. Reb Lobster also offers a compelling promotional deal for a four course meal for $16.99 per person. The deal entails your choice of soup (the spicy tortilla soup is good), you choose from nine options for the main entree which is generous in portion and dessert (the apple crostada is tasty). Depending on your choice of drinks your tab can be less than $50 for two.

If you are in the mood for American food Chili's is another great option. They offer a 2 for $20 deal. You can share an appetizer and then choose from 12 sizzling main course entrees which include half rack baby back ribs, 6 oz steak and much more. Yum! With drinks added, your tab is stilll less than $40.

For lunch Applebee's has a pick n pair combo starting at $6.99, You can choose from a soup or salad and pasta and sandwhich.This deal is offered Monday through Friday until 4 pm. With several dining options to choose from you can find something for every budget. Bon appetit!!


Sarah Van Daele
02/18/2013 5:57pm

My girlfriends and I are always looking for great places to grab a bite to eat and catch up. Everyone is always so busy and on a budget so these restaurants are ideal because they are close by and affordable. The Olive Garden promotion is unbeatable and it is the perfect place to socialize with your closest friends.

Tony P
02/28/2013 11:39am

GREAT post! Nothing like a great inexpensive meal.


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