Sizzling Summer Dating Series June- August 2013

By Keisha Stoute

Now that you have gotten out and noticed, your first date is around the corner. It is important to have fun but you must also pay close attention to the first date tricks, traps and swindling acts! As you become experienced in the dating field you realize that everyone does not have good intentions and what they say is not always true.

Don’t be the monkey who slipped on a banana peel! Use your head and not your heart! Even the nicest people wear a mask of deception and they will try to con you into a piece of sucker pie! No thanks. Have the upper hand and know what to look for before you become another act in a traveling trick show. Here are the most common dating traps to avoid:

 1.     Sticky Fingers.  If your date has sticky fingers and
is suggesting sex direct him or her to a bee hive and get out! These individuals
are advertising what they really want up front and your encounter won’t last
very long. Remember, busy bees do not stay in one place very long so this is not
the kind of person that you are looking for.

 2.    Your date is constantly complaining about their ex. This is huge!!! On a first date you do not want to get into a lengthy conversation about why you are single and what happened in your last relationship. If your date appears to be bitter, constantly complaining and has unresolved issues then they are unavailable to you and are definitely not ready for a possible relationship. 
3.     Recent Breakup. If your date just had a recent breakup, then they are probably still dealing and communicating with their ex. This is not the best situation to get involved in. You don’t want to be the rebound person caught in a dysfunctional dance. Do not get swayed by he said/she said mess because you really do not know. This is also a ploy to get sympathy from you so that they can have the best of both worlds. People often say one thing and do another. They deal with grief and loss in various ways and they end up hurting others in the process. Leave that person alone and explore your options elsewhere. 

4.     I’m currently in a situation. Next!!!! This is a no brainer!!! If you are told by your date that they are currently in a situation, then this is not the one for you.  These individuals are complicated, selfish and want to be lost. Don’t fall for the okedoke, move on. Avoid the roller coaster of lies!

 5.     Let’s take things back to my place. On a first date, you want to be in public places where there are people around and not secluded in an unfamiliar territory.  This is a huge safety risk! You do not know this person. Air on the side of caution and decline the offer.  

6.     Too much alcohol= Impaired Judgment. On your
first date you want to be alert and oriented so too much alcohol will cloud your
judgment and will result in impaired behavior. Often time people will try to get
you drunk so that they can take advantage. Know your drinking limit and what you
can handle. Drink responsibly and be safe! Have a designated driver.

 Enjoy yourself and make the best of your day! Know what you want you really want and do not settle for less. If this is not the person you imagined then consider this an experience and move forward. Remember to avoid the tricks, traps and swindling acts!




Jacqueline Cyrus
06/24/2013 2:45pm

Today is full of opportunities. Every place you go and every person you date gives you the potential to make a difference in your life.
Be Your Own Hero

06/24/2013 3:47pm

GREAT post and GREAT tips. Most (or alot) of people do not pay attention to these signs. This can be very helpful in seeing red flags early on. And this posts was DRENCHED with "Keisha-isms". Informative and funny. Just what I love. Keep it up!

Shavon White
06/28/2013 8:04am

GET POST sis!!


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