By Keisha Stoute

In life we all say and do things that we truly do not mean. People often make bogus plans with others knowing that it will never happen. Sometimes false promises are made just because it sounds good and that is what you think that others want to hear. Perception is the biggest deception and everyone has been guilty as charged!

For example, we all have told someone that they looked good when in fact we were laughing on the inside and hoping that they will look in the mirror and change their mind. Let us not forget eating nasty food and putting on a fake smile and saying that it was delicious. Really!  False hope has been given to friends who are in a doomed relationships but  instead of being honest you tell lies.

At times everyone is a performer and you do what you think that is expected and acceptable. No one wants to be the barer of bad news so things are said to keep the peace and to maintain face. As a performer you mislead and wrongly direct someone because you are trying to be nice but  what you are really doing is being deceitful. Giving people a distorted reality is fake, unfair and most importantly unnecessary! 

In reality people avoid the truth because they fear confrontation and want to be accepted by others. The problem with telling tales is that life has a way of coming back around and what you have done to others someone will do to you. Eventually things start adding up and you will come up short. Being honest is not popular but it is the best policy. 

Performers often know what to say and will continue to say things until they get caught. Busted! Men and women often twist the truth when dealing with each other and are scared of the consequences. As you get older experience teaches you that actions speak louder than words. When in doubt about something or someone consider their actions because the rest is just talk! Stop being a performer and be real with yourself and others. You can be honest and say displeasing things with tact and compassion. Give true meaning to your words and make them count!